Buy Or Sell A Home

Nothing impacts you more than buying or selling a home. That’s why we treat each transaction as if it were the most important duty on our desk, because it is. Our company makes this pledge to each customer, to always provide the level of service promised at the onset of the relationship. That is truly the deciding difference between our agents and our approach and others in the field. The old adage “Good at the courtship but bad at the marriage” is unfortunately often true in many service industries, real estate included, but our commitment is for the duration. Our customer relationships are long-standing for a reason…we deliver what we promise…every time.

Selecting the right real estate company is easy. Go with the name that sells more real estate than anybody…RE/MAX. In addition to our long list of stellar resources we also have the only international real estate website, This site enables customers from all over the world to view properties in their native language and native currency. This makes the buying and selling process much easier and international buyers are definitely discovering the Northeast Florida real estate market.

Choosing the proper agent is not as easy. Simply skimming a biography and glancing at a thumbnail photo may not be enough for a relationship that is as serious as they come. This is the expert you will trust with one of the greatest investments of your life. That trust should never be hampered by wondering if you chose correctly. Please allow us to serve as your real estate matchmaker. Simply contact one of our managers, they will ask you questions to ascertain the skills and personality you require in an agent. Consider the initial meeting as a first date of sorts, if the relationship doesn’t “click”, we will continue the process until we connect you with the agent of your dreams!